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Tree surgery is a highly-skilled profession with significant risks. Many areas of our work rely on the proper use of trained personnel,  specialist equipment and safety procedures.

Our Tree Services Include:

Tree Removal

Often a last resort, but at times there is no other choice. Prior to commencing tree felling it is advisable to contact your local council to check for tree preservation orders or conservation area constraints. We can do that for you but responsibility lies with you to have works approved. We will not ignore legal constraints. We employ a range of felling and removal methods to ensure the safe and efficient removal of trees. Chipping the arisings can create a high quality mulch which can be left on site or removed free of charge.

Tree Pruning & Thinning

Trees need pruning just like shrubs and bushes. Types of pruning - Deadwood, weight reduction, crown lifting, removing epicormic growth, seasonal pruning. Tree pruning should only be carried out by qualified and experienced arborists or tree workers; particularly when it is carried out to maintain clearance for utility services and buildings or to improve the safety, structure, and health of the tree. 

Hedge Cutting 

We have 30 years experience and 30 years of satisfied customers. 

Many people have shrubs and/or hedges as part of the landscape on their property. These can be naturally grown over many years or recently planted as part of a joint overall landscaping plan. Regardless of the source, quantity, size, or other characteristics, like all plants, they will occasionally need some professional maintenance to avoid becoming overgrown and unsightly.  However, there are certain laws regarding hedge cutting which you should be aware of to ensure there is no damage to active bird nests. The RSPB has a helpful page.

TLGO have been maintaining hedges for years, and work to RHS guidelines.

Stump Grinding 

We will take care of any unwanted stumps, new or existing. TLGO can also ensure that remaining stumps don’t ruin your landscaping. We can remove the stump as part of a tree removal or grind an existing stump down to below surface level. 


If you have had a tree survey carried out and so have a list of work to be carried out over a period of time, we can price this for you and then agree a monthly payment over the period to cover the work required. This then spreads the cost over the life of the survey. We can also recommend qualified surveyors should you need a survey. It is good practice to use separate firms for the survey and the required work.

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